Our Story

You could say the Os Figueiros story began at a bus stop in Paris on a sunny day in 1976. That’s when Dave met Brigitte. They fell in love, and two became three when their daughter Chloé was born. It turned out they shared a dream; to create a sanctuary in the sunshine. A tranquil place to escape the pace of modern day life, completely surrounded by nature.

Like a lot of dreams it started as a seed and lay dormant for many years as they did other things. It would be another 25 years in fact before it would begin to fruit and Chloé and Brigitte would discover Os Figueiros on a trip to nearby Albi. As they looked out over the ancient courtyard from the balcony strewn with vines and roses they knew they had found a very special place, and an ideal home for their vision.

Fifteen years later Os Figueiros is still defined by that original dream of Dave and Brigitte’s. It is also defined by its ancient stone walls, the flowering meadow, the natural tranquillity which fills the air and the fig trees dotted everywhere, and crucially by the people who pass through sharing their skills and experiences.

As the buildings are reconstructed to their former glory new possibilities have arisen to welcome visitors. Now people come for holidays and organisations gather here to meet in a unique setting, work together and learn new skills. Around 150 volunteers have got involved, trying their hand at gardening, cooking, and building. And every year creative retreats, residencies and workshops take place.

We hope you find all the information you need on the site, but if there is anything more you’d like to know about joining us in some way please get in touch.

Bienvenue x